Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica
Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica

Santa Teresa
Costa Rica

100 m south of CC Plaza Norte (Matricula # 1269Z-000)
Playa Santa Teresa, Cóbano, Puntarenas
Costa Rica

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  • Coming from Mal Pais (south): Coming down the hill from Tambor / Cobano turn into Mal Pais, turn right on Calle Cobano and drive about 5 km. Pass SUPER LA HACIENDA ( on the right ) and continue for 600m / 650 yards. Entrance to Casa Lanui / Casa Taman will be a small dirt road on your left. Drive in and entrance gate will be on your left.

  • Coming from Hermosa (north): Pass the hotel Pranamar and Flor Blanca until you see a small shopping mall Plaza Norte on the right with Café Social on the corner and continue for 150m / 165 yard. Entrance to Casa Lanui / Casa Taman will be a small dirt road on your right. Drive in and entrance gate will be on your left


Costa Rica Description

From world-class surfing to wildlife refuges, zip line adventures to hikes in the rain forest, amazing beaches to wonderful restaurants Costa Rica has something amazing to offer for everyone.

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Santa Teresa  description

Santa Teresa, a string of beaches on the southern tip of Costa Rica’s northwestern peninsula, has an edge-of-the-world vibe that still feels remote and inspires dreams of relocation. Driving down the dusty dirt road that connects the area’s four beaches — Playa Carmen, Playa Hermosa, Santa Teresa and Mal Pais —you will wonder what your life would be like in a town that experiences almost year-round sunshine (punctuated by the occasional biblical rainstorm, sure) and consistent 80-degree temperatures. This road that runs parallel to the beach has many cute cafés, restaurants, some galleries and the odd fashion boutique dotted among the surf shops.

Once a sleepy fishing village, Santa Teresa is now an increasingly luxurious surfer’s paradise filled with people who have made this particular fantasy their reality — and the occasional detox-seeking celebrity who likes living it for a week at a time. In addition to native Costa Ricans, or “Ticos,” there are American chefs, Australian surf instructors, French cafe owners and Argentine hoteliers.

An outer ripple of Costa Rica’s countrywide eco-tourism boom, Santa Teresa’s international community blossomed in the 2000s as foreign adventure-seekers discovered its confluence of natural attractions: white-sand beaches, reliable, long-breaking waves and innumerable species of wildlife. And while New Age hippies still populate the town’s scores of yoga studios, Santa Teresa is now evolving to cater to the growing number of comfort-loving families who have discovered its amazing beaches and lay back charms, including its proximity to the pristine 3,000-acre Cabo Blanco nature reserve, five miles to the south, and an increasing array of excellent small hotels, villas and restaurants.

Practical info

  • 2-minute walk to grocery store
  • 2-minute walk to several restaurants and shops
  • Short drive or bike ride to a big selection of restaurants and shops
  • 10-minute walk to fitness center
  • 10-minute drive to clinic & town Mal Pais
  • 40-minute drive to golf course 

How to get here

  1. Driving from 2 international airports 
  2. Flying : after arriving in either San Jose (SJO) or Liberia (LIR) airport, you will need to then fly to Tambor, Costa Rica (Tambor airstrip) by commercial or charter flight. Flying time is 25- minutes from LIR AND 35 from SJO . From the Tambor airstrip to North Creek Estate - Santa Teresa it is a  45-minute drive and we can arrange pickup for your group
    • domestic airline 2 options : for up to date flight information , baggage policies, schedules and reservations please visit the For these commercial flights you will need to allow yourself enough time to get through customs and immigration at San Jose or Liberia airports before you can board your domestic flight. Sansa is located in the international airport .
        3. call in Costa Rica : 4070-0771
        4. call from the USA : 1-888-8288471
        2. ,
        3. call in Costa Rica : 2290 4100
        4. call from the USA : 1- 877-767-2672
  • private charter ; both domestic airlines offer charter private flights , giving you the most flexibility for your arrival and departure times; travel at your own leisure. The price can be the same as a commercial flight depending on how many people are in your group
  1. Helicopter service from Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO) or Liberia (LIR) airport to Tambor. For our most time- sensitive guests we can arrange a helicopter from either airport and be dropped off within a 5-minute drive from the property.

Activities in the area.

  • Surfing for all levels and ages; from young kids to seasoned pros everybody can find waves on the 7 km long beach Mal Pais – Santa Teresa – Hermosa  
  • Sunset drinks on the beach in many locations
  • Excellent restaurants with a huge variety and healthy options ( Italian, Mexican, Sushi, Vegetarian, Local, Fish, Meat ….. )
  • Sport fishing
  • Mountain biking
  • Golf course
  • Yoga
  • Personal training and gym
  • Horseback riding
  • Sailing and sunset cruises
  • Estuary tours
  • Bird watching
  • Volcano tours
  • Snorkeling
  • ATV tours.
  • Diving
  • Zip-lining
  • River Kayaking.
  • Whitewater Rafting.
  • Hikes in the rain forest.
  • Boat rides to see wildlife.
  • Natural Hot spring water and mood baths

Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica
Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica
Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica
Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica
Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica
Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica
Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica
Destination<br>Santa Teresa<br>Costa Rica